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Why I'm Running

Cathy Spann for Minneapolis City Council Ward 5 - Why I'm Running

2020 has shaken the city of Minneapolis. Ward 5 neighborhoods are suffering job loss and housing uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world watched as Minneapolis grieved and demanded change after the murder of George Floyd, making it clear that transformation of policing practices and culture are long overdue.

The Minneapolis City Council needs effective leaders. I will work to reform our policing system by working together, using an approach that is both/and—not either/or. I support public safety solutions that allow for mental health, non-police response and social service components. During the process of creating a new future, Ward 5 communities need police protection to address rampant gun violence.

I am running for 5th Ward City Council because I know that in partnership, many things can be accomplished. I will work with city departments, business communities, county and state officials to restore relationships. By working together, we can effectively address problems in housing, employment and public safety, and secure a bright future that works for all of us.