Welcome to Cathy Spann for Ward 5

Public Safety

Cathy Spann and Black Lives Matter Poster

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, Minneapolis made it clear to the nation that addressing racism in our institutions is long overdue. I believe that successfully implementing systemic change requires a “both/and” approach of collaboration rather than an “either/or” approach that causes chaos and disruption.

Violence is concentrated in certain socially and economically deprived neighborhoods of Ward 5. These neighborhoods tend to have lower rates of employment and educational attainment and are plagued with other social and health disparities, creating an environment that supports a greater tendency towards violence. Effective public safety resources and responses are essential to the health of our community.

As your Ward 5 city councilmember, I will:

  • Support public safety solutions that include greater consideration for mental health, non-police response, and social service components
  • Collaborate with residents and the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) to ensure that Ward 5 communities are receiving police protection to address rampant gun violence
  • Follow up with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights to obtain updates of their Civil Rights Investigation into the MPD
  • Work with the MPD to confirm and follow up on their new policies, including New Critical Incident Standards, Stronger De-Escalation Reporting, and Use of Force Overhaul

My track record proves that I am capable of getting work done through collaborating and listening to the community. As your city councilmember, I will work within a system that hasn’t always been receptive to BIPOC communities in addressing issues that impact our lives. Together, we can implement accessible safety and violence prevention resources to community members. Together, we can work to ensure that public safety in Minneapolis protects everybody.