Welcome to Cathy Spann for Ward 5

Cathy Spann’s Candidacy Announcement for the City of Minneapolis 5th Ward City Council

Northside neighbors, my name is Cathy Spann and I am running for 5th Ward City Council in 2021. I’ve lived in North Minneapolis for over 25 years. As a mother and community organizer, I care deeply about the people of our community and I have the track record to prove it. As city council member, I will bring my decades of experience to the table so that we can work together to secure a bright future for North Minneapolis.

The city of Minneapolis is at a crossroads. Seven months ago, we watched the death—the murder—of George Floyd and it fundamentally changed our city—and our lives. In the days and weeks that followed George Floyd’s death, the entire nation watched as Minneapolis erupted, revealing layers of so many years of systemic oppression. The city of Minneapolis made it clear to the world that justice is needed; that equality is needed; that respect is needed—and that they have all been long overdue.

Now is the time. 

As the Biden/Harris team takes office in 2021 to Build Back Better with a focus on economic recovery for working class families, so must we—you and I—Build Back Better our Northside community and our beloved city of Minneapolis.

I’ve spent more than 25 years committed to my Northside community that I love so much. I’ve created programs that address gun violence, led initiatives to combat the opioid epidemic, supported youth through the creation of scholarship opportunities, and organized to create homeownership loans and business grants to help our vibrant community thrive. I’m a member of the Hennepin County Mental Health Advisory Council and I sit on the Ensuring Police Excellence and Improving Community Relations Advisory Council. 

Since the murder of George Floyd, we have been grieving, suffering, and struggling. Jobs are lost, businesses are gone, and so many families are facing uncertainty with housing and economic security. It is clear that a transformation of policing practices and culture is imperative. Our community is in desperate need of solutions-focused leadership.

As your next 5th ward city council member, I will bring along all of my experience and listen to you, my neighbors, so that we can work together to successfully reestablish our relationships with each other and to support our cherished community through addressing housing, employment, and public safety.

The time is now. I’m Cathy Spann and I am asking for your support of my campaign for the City of Minneapolis 5th Ward City Council seat in 2021. Thank you.