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Cathy Spann for Ward 5

My name is Cathy Spann and I’m a Democrat running for 5th Ward City Council in 2021. I’m a mother and community leader who has lived and worked in North Minneapolis for over 25 years, and my track record shows that when work needs to be done, I do it. I’ve worked alongside Northside residents, collaborated with the Minneapolis Police Department, and teamed up with other agencies to successfully address the many issues and concerns our community faces.

The Minneapolis City Council needs effective leaders. I’m running for 5th Ward City Council because I know that in partnership, many things can be accomplished. I will work with city departments, business communities, county and state officials to restore relationships. By working together, we can effectively address problems in housing, employment and public safety, and secure a bright future that works for all of us.

I’m Cathy Spann, and I’m seeking your support for my campaign for 5th Ward City Council in 2021. Join me today by signing up to volunteer or by donating at the links below.

SpannForWard5 Campaign
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